About Us

Our great grandmother Gaurai (Gauri Aai) was the inspiration of our entire family. Years ago, she inspired our grandfather with her rustic logic to do business, but the type of business that would feed not just him and his family, but also the larger society as well as the surrounding animals and birds.  
Her understanding of ecology and sustainability way back in the 1960s really surprised us, but then everything she said or did had a deep meaning behind it.
Today again, we, her great grandchildren, find that we are rooted in our grandma’s teachings. They remind us of the right way to do things, and make sure we uphold the values of wholesomeness and quality of our products. Inheriting her integrity and astuteness, we ensure that our products always maintain the highest nutritional and health rating.
To create really pure and nutritious food, you have to do it the right way, the old-fashioned traditional way, like she did. All this, so that she could feed and nourish her family with all the taste, wholesomeness and goodness intact.
The purpose of Gaurai is to make sure that you give family health, nutrition and authentic taste.

  • Vision

    To empower individuals to shift towards more sustainable lifestyles with healthier choices for their well-being while promoting eco-friendly practices.

  • Mission

    To produce and deliver the highest quality products, crafted with integrity and a deep commitment to health, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.