Cold-Pressed Oil

Discover the exquisite world of cold-pressed oils, where tradition and wellness unite. At Gaurai, we are dedicated to healthy living through our premium range of cold-pressed oils.
By incorporating unrefined Gaurai cold-pressed oils into your daily life (cooking/garnishing/massage), you can experience exceptional health. Our oils are produced by gently crushing oil-bearing seeds under low heat, resulting in the finest unrefined oils that are rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Each drop of our cold-pressed oils captures the true essence of nature, enhancing the flavour and nutritional profile of your meals.
Gaurai premium cold-pressed oils bring together the best of tradition, health, and sustainability. GAURAI cold pressed range offers - Groundnut oil and Coconut oil. Whether you are a health-conscious individual, an avid food enthusiast, or a culinary professional, our oils are the perfect addition to your kitchen.


  • Upasana Kagzi 
    “After using the Gaurai Coconut Oil on my skin it felt instantly hydrated and my itching went away completely. The oil is pure and does not have a very strong odour, which I like.We use it regularly on myself and my 2 year old son’s skin.”

  • Radhika Vora
    "Cold-pressed coconut oil is a culinary gem! Its rich, distinct flavor elevates my dishes, & the natural extraction process preserves its nutritional benefits. The smooth texture & aromatic essence make it a versatile & healthy addition to my kitchen. I appreciate its purity and how it enhances both savory and sweet recipes. Highly recommended for those seeking a premium cooking oil with a delightful tropical touch.”